Advisory For Crime Prevention
Senior Citizens Safety


  • Main door of the house must be strong and it should be fitted with magic eye/chain/automatic lock and key. If possible keep put a dog
  • Always open the door identifying a person with magic eye
  • Must keep a alarm bell have should be connected with your neighbours in any emergency must put in own
  • Employ a servant after verifying his real name, native address with the help of the nearest Police Station
  • Get your work done in the house possibly with your known Plumber/Electrician/ carpenter and labour
  • Whenever goes in the morning walk in the congregation
  • Always keep concerned telephone /mobile number of sector officer & SHO
  • After dialing 100 number obtained local PS telephone/mobile number or other important telephone/mobile number and one should must keep the number
  • Must give information to local concerned police station about suspect person/incidence /materials
  • When you admit a workman or a salesman, do not leave him alone at any time
  • Treat your servant in a humane way


  • Never open the door for unknown person/ strangers
  • Never allow Hawkers/Postman/Courier agent enter in the house
  • In the absence of housemaid never allow plumber/carpenter/lab our/ electrician and other person in your internal house
  • Never allow a person who is coming after long period without verification
  • For house hold purpose never keep servant proper verification
  • Never discuss financial matter in presence of servant
  • Never open Almeera/Sandul/safe/boxes/cupboard before servant and stranger
  • Never display cash-money and jewelery before servant/ stranger
  • Never leave housekeeping cash/ jewelry and valuable materials unsecure
  • Never leave spare keys in open or in the conventional hiding places

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