Advisory For Crime Prevention


  • Create a concrete password and must not reveal the password to anyone. Alongside keep changing your password regularly
  • To keep your computer safe run state of the art safety feature
  • Avoid Spam Email
  • Must not store data on computer containing personal, sensitive and financial related things
  • You must not allow anybody to your account for any transaction purpose whatsoever
  • Ignore the Email related to lottery or prize money
  • Avoid alluring Emails and do not do any transaction regarding money
  • Must certify the offer through Internet/SMS or through concerned company / organization. After doing this make any transaction
  • Abide by the guidelines drawn by reserve bank of India in every monetary related matter
  • Use your credit card by yourself as mum possible. In some special circumstances let it be used before your eyes only. Check your credit card statement regularly. Must activate mobile alert facility to all your bank transaction.
  • In order to avoid financial transaction you safe server or https.
  • To Keep your computer safe must enable firewall with antivirus

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