Advisory For Crime Prevention

Guidelines to remain safe & secure by adopting following Tips:
"Read them to put practice to remain safe and secure"
  1. Cyber Fraud - In Hindi
  2. Advisory For Senior Citizen
  3. To Prevent Outrage of Modesty/ Rape/ Sexual Assault
  4. To Prevent Housebreaking And Theft
  5. Personal Safety Tips For Women At Home
  6. Prevent Vehicle Theft
  7. Identification of Fake Currency Note
  8. Guideline For Children
  9. Computer Safety Measures
  10. Hackers and spammers
  11. How to Identify a Fraudulent Email
  12. Minimizing the effects of malware
  13. Online Banking Security
  14. Internet Crime Prevention Tips


  1. Say a Loud ‘NO’ To Noise Pollution