Policing in Bihar is more than 3000 years old. In fact, there are documented historical references to policing practices adopted by the Magadh Empire.

Policing in the Modern era in Bihar began in the year 1862 with the introduction of the Indian Police Act of 1861. Following the creation of the province of Bihar in 1912, the basic structure of police as it exists today in the whole of India was laid.

Patna Police is the squad of Bihar Police that holds the responsibility of state capital's law and order.
S.S.P. Patna overall responsibility of storing peace, harmony and well being of society
S.P. Rural Since Patna is a big district with many villages and rural areas under its boundary It becomes one of the most important task of Patna Police to maintain proper peace in those areas.
City S.P. maintain law and order in the city of Patna
S.P. Traffic Road Safety, Accidents, Vehicle security is an important task in order to keep society free from damages.

We assure citizen of Patna that we will help them remain in Peace and Harmony and also we request people to help Patna Police in helping themselves.